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Learn through resources, tools and tips to improve your allergy and asthma control.

How do I avoid pollen, outdoor & indoor mold, animal dander and dust mites?  


Is your immune system recognizing allergens and reacting against them? 


Inflammation of the airways and bronchospasm lead to asthma symptoms. 


This affects 31-35 million Americans and may last for months or years. 

nasal POLYPS

Continuous chronic allergy that causes mucous membrane edema in the sinuses.

AT Home Treatment

Ways to find relief at home through simple protocols and steps


Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies.


Finding new ways to prevent, detect and treat allergies and asthma

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Dr. Jane Lee is an allergy doctor who is board certified in both Allergy and Immunology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Jane Lee is also on the staff at Baylor Medical Center (2002-present) and Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas (2001-present). Patients with Dallas allergies and asthma in Dallas have come to trust Dr. Jane Lee for personalized, caring, and effective allergy and asthma treatment. Read more >>>
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Dr. Jane Lee allergist Dallas Texas allergies asthma

Dallas Center For Allergy And Asthma


Texas Allergy Center is a top-rated Dallas center for allergy and asthma. We offer specialized care for adult patients suffering from various kinds of allergies and asthma symptoms. Dr. Jane Lee, a renowned Dallas allergist and former allergy sufferer, is dedicated to helping patients gain  control of their lives with excellent treatment options to help avoid unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening allergic reactions. At allergy and asthma clinic in Dallas TX, we give patients the knowledge base as well as personal care they need to manage their allergies. 


What to expect at our center for allergy and asthma in Dallas TX


When you visit our Dallas center for allergy and asthma, expect quality service from a highly experienced specialist. Dr. Lee has a deep understanding of the causes and triggers of allergies. As the Dallas allergy and asthma specialists she uses proven methods to control the effects allergens can have on our bodies. She brings the latest insight and technology into allergy care providing patients with diagnosis. treatment and education for their allergic disorders. When you visit our allergy and sinus center in Dallas TX, expect to see state of the art measures being used to diagnose and treat your persistent allergy issues. Dr. Jane Lee takes time to listen as well as educate patients regarding  their allergies and specific diagnosis.  It is important TAC that our patients  are actively involved in the management of their symptoms.


Why choose us?


Dr. Lee is a board-certified and highly trained allergy specialist. When you visit our Dallas center for allergy and asthma, you can expect the following:


• Comprehensive, quality care

• Friendly service

• Diagnosis and treatment

• Highest level of testing and treatment


At our Dallas allergy and asthma clinic, expect a professional team that will make your experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. We would love to schedule your appointment at our center for allergy and asthma in Dallas TX .  Let us help you find the treatment and care that is right for you!