Dallas Allergy Asthma Specialists

Are you in need of a team of knowledgeable, dependable Dallas allergy asthma specialists? Texas Allergy Center offers the latest advancements in allergies, asthma and immunology. We don’t just get our patients feeling better – we get them feeling like themselves again! With the right immunology doctor in Dallas TX, it is possible to feel great and live your best life. 


Why Choose Our Allergy Asthma Specialists in Dallas TX 


Texas Allergy Center has a knowledgeable, experienced Dallas immunology doctor, as well as a hands-on team of specialists. They know what it’s like to live with allergies and asthma and how to help their patients lead healthier lives. 


There was a time when avoidance was the best allergy treatment we had, but now there are many other therapies our immunology doctor in Dallas TX can offer. The goal of these innovative therapies is to gradually introduce the allergen in a medically controlled setting and help you live life to the fullest.


If you are considering our Dallas allergy asthma specialists for yourself or your child, here are some things to know about us: 


● Flexible hours. We have a convenient office location with plenty of free parking. Our hours are set to help you with your busy life offering late hours twice a week! This makes getting allergy injections more convenient. 

● Advanced treatments. Our Dallas immunology doctor always keeps on top of the latest advancements in this field. Expect to be offered progressive treatments, including immunoglobulin therapy and rush immunotherapy. 

● Family friendly practice. We realize that many of our patients will be visiting us frequently for their allergy treatments. We maintain a comfortable, friendly environment for patients of all ages.

● Our allergy asthma specialists in Dallas TX accept most major insurance plans. We also have discounts for patients who plan on paying out of pocket. 


Whether you or your child has allergies, asthma or an immune deficiency, Texas Allergy Center is here for you. Schedule an appointment today with our Dallas allergy asthma specialists.