Dallas Aspirin Penicillin Desensitization

Do you have a penicillin or aspirin allergy? If so, Texas Allergy Center offers Dallas aspirin desensitization and penicillin drug desensitization. Dr. Jane Lee our board-certified allergist keeps on top of the latest advancements in the immunology field. 


It is very important to tell your doctor if you have a medication reaction. For a severe reaction, you are often referred to an allergist/immunologist who specialize in diagnosing and treating allergic reactions, such as a penicillin allergy in Dallas TX. Dr. Jane Lee can help with aspirin or penicillin allergy desensitization in Dallas TX.  


Contact our office to schedule an appointment and learn more about Dallas penicillin allergy. 


What is Penicillin and Aspirin Desensitization in Dallas TX? 


Drug desensitization is typically done when there is not a better alternative medication to treat a particular condition. Drug desensitization is a process that gives you a small amount of the drug you are sensitive to in a controlled setting under medical supervision. When you receive Dallas aspirin desensitization at Texas Allergy Center, you are monitored by our highly trained staff.


It is imperative to choose a qualified experienced board-certified allergist who provides this therapy in a safe, controlled setting. 


Why Choose Texas Allergy Center to Treat Your Dallas Penicillin Allergy 


Texas Allergy Center have treated many patients with drug desensitization. They are an experienced team and highly qualified.  


Additional reasons to choose us to treat your aspirin or penicillin allergy in Dallas TX are: 


● Convenient location with free parking and flexible hours 

● Friendly, helpful staff to schedule appointments, monitor your safety during treatment and more 

● Most insurance plans accepted and discounts available for self-pay patients 

● Understanding, compassionate allergist who knows the struggles of living with allergies 


If you are interested in Dallas aspirin desensitization, contact Texas Allergy Center for an appointment.