Dallas Pulmonary Function Test

How is your breathing? Your lungs being part of the respiratory system and bringing fresh air into the body definitely play a major role!  Dallas pulmonary function test can help to determine how well your lungs work. Pulmonary function test also known as a PFT measures lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange.  The results of the PFT help Dr. Jane Lee determine your diagnosis.  Once a diagnosis is made Dr. Lee can determine the best treatment for you. At Texas Allergy Center, we provide reliable PFT tests to help us and you understand the condition of your lungs. A PFT test in Dallas TX will help our team be able to know how effective your lungs are in taking oxygen to the rest of your body. 

A pulmonary function test is a common test used by a board-certified allergist.  An allergist will perform a pulmonary lung function test in Dallas TX to assess treatment for asthma, emphysema, and other chronic lung problems.  

Dallas pulmonary function test are performed to:

Identify changes in your lungs and their ability to bring oxygen to your blood

Determine if a medicine, such as a bronchodilator would be helpful

Detect narrowing in the airways of your lungs

Is often used to determine a person’s ability to tolerate a surgery or medical procedure

Helps determine the effects of chronic diseases such as asthma and COPD so specific treatment can be given. 

A Dallas PFT test performed by your board-certified allergist can be helpful in your diagnosis. Why wait?  Let us help you breathe better and live a healthier life.  Do not wait longer, book a Dallas pulmonary function test with us today.