Dallas Skin Allergy Test

Do you have areas of red, scaly, swollen places on your skin? There are many substances such as soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry etc. An allergy patch test could help you find the answers.  Texas Allergy Center offers comprehensive services in Dallas skin allergy test.
Dr. Jane Lee has helped thousands of people find relief from many allergy conditions. Find answers to your allergy issues with allergy testing services in Dallas TX under the supervision of Dr. Jane Lee, a board-certified allergist. Texas Allergy Center will offer you personalized and quality treatment. 
As a leading clinic in skin allergy test in Dallas TX, Texas Allergy Center gives you experienced, specialized care to help bring solutions to your allergy issues.  It the goal of the medical team that you and your family find relief and a better quality of life free from the misery allergies can bring. Prior to your allergy patch test in Dallas TX, Dr. Jane Lee will obtain a thorough medical history in order to have a good understanding of the allergy symptoms you are experiencing. The medical history will enable your provider to choose the Dallas allergy patch test best for you.   
Dallas allergy testing services patch testing involves placing small amounts of allergen on your back or arms to evaluate your skin reaction.  Upon identifying the substance causing your skin allergy Dr. Jane Lee will develop a treatment plan specifically for you. In addition to Dallas skin allergy test, Texas Allergy Center offers many other allergy and asthma services: 
• Allergy skin testing
• RAST test
• Immunotherapy 
• Rush immunotherapy 
• Patch testing 
• Rhino laryngoscopy 
• Pulmonary function test
• Medication desensitization
• Aspirin desensitization
• Immunoglobulin therapy 
Texas Allergy Center has highly trained staff who value your time. You can book early morning, lunchtime as well as evening appointments for a skin allergy test in Dallas TX. Same-day emergency care is also available. The clinic offers multiple health insurance plans. Don’t let the allergies rob your quality of life. Contact us today for more information about our Dallas skin allergy test.