North Dallas Immunotherapy for Allergies Allergens in North Dallas

North Dallas Immunotherapy for Allergies Allergens in North Dallas

At Texas Allergy Center, we take pride in giving expert allergy care. You can trust us to take good care of you through North Dallas Immunotherapy for allergies at one of our two locations.


We want you to fully understand the commitment to your personalized treatment allergy shot regimen because, at both our North Dallas Immunotherapy for Allergens services locations, our goal is to help you feel better and improve your quality of life. Our teams at both locations will offer you excellent service and allergy relief you can rely on.


Immunotherapy has wonderful benefits, such as its effectiveness in reducing allergic reactions. Signing up for Texas Allergy Center’s North Dallas immunotherapy for allergies can bring you great benefits, including:

    • Improvement of allergy symptoms
    • Fewer infections
    • Reduced need for medications
    • Improved quality of life
    • Less missed work, school, and daily activities


It is always best to consult an allergist to determine if allergy shots are right for you and discussthe benefits and risks. Let us help you with your allergy care in our new Texas Allergy Center, 5310 Harvest Hill Rd, Suite 120, at the Toll Hill Plaza West in Dallas, TX, and Texas Allergy Center, 411 North Washington Avenue, Suite 2400 (In Tom Landry Center) Dallas, TX 75246.


Our Texas Allergy Center locations are fully equipped clinics with specialty-trained personnel. We invest in the best medical equipment to ensure the safety of our North Dallas immunotherapy for allergy patients. Our goal is to deliver personalized immunotherapy for allergies in North Dallas, offering flexible hours. Our professionalism, reliability, and expert care allow us to provide the best North Dallas immunotherapy for allergies for patients, regardless of all ages. Call us today and schedule an appointment at either of our locations, 214-370-5700.