What Is Immunotherapy?

What Is Immunotherapy?

How does Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots) work?

Immunotherapy is a process in which an allergic patient can become desensitized to allergens that trigger rhinitis (congestion, sneezing and itching), asthma and insect allergy. It is to decrease sensitivity to allergy-causing substances, so that exposure to the offending allergen (pollen, mold, dust mites, animal dander, stinging insect, etc) will result in fewer and less severe symptoms.Allergy injections have been shown to lead to the formation of “blocking” or protective antibodies and a gradual decrease in allergic antibody levels.

People, in effect, become “immune” to the allergen.Improvement in symptoms is gradual. It usually requires 1-3 months before significant relief of allergy symptoms in noted, and it may take more than 12 months for full benefits to be evident. More than 95% of allergic patients on immunotherapy obtain significant improvements of their symptoms.Allergy injections are begun at a very low dose. This dosage is gradually increased on a regular basis (usually 1-2 times per week) until a therapeutic dose (often called the “maintenance dose”) is reached. After the maintenance dose is reached, the injections can usually be given every one to three weeks.

Most immunotherapy patients continue the treatment for 3 years, after which the need for continuation is reassessed. Many of the patients, after being on immunotherapy for 3 years, can maintain their allergy-free state even after the therapy is stopped.

What is RUSH Immunotherapy?

RUSH Immunotherapy is an alternative form of allergy immunotherapy. RUSH allows a patient to achieve his/her maintenance dose more rapidly. This allows the patient to begin experiencing the benefits of allergy immunotherapy sooner. Time commitment is also decreased, as RUSH requires fewer visits to our office. This makes immunotherapy more convenient and more affordable.Both forms of immunotherapy are highly successful in treating the symptoms of allergies.Instructions Prior to Rush Immunotherapy (20K)

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