Texas Allergy Center Helps You Navigate Fall Allergies in North Texas: Cedar Elm Allergy

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Texas Allergy Center Helps You Navigate Fall Allergies in North Texas: Cedar Elm Allergy

For some individuals, the changing seasons bring an unwelcome companion: allergies. Cedar elm, a common tree found in North Texas, is a notorious allergen source. Cedar elm allergies can put a damper on your enjoyment of the outdoors. 

Cedar elm, scientifically known as Ulmus crassifolia, is a deciduous tree native to the central and southwestern United States. It is often admired for its slender branches, serrated leaves, and adaptability to a variety of soil types. Cedar elm is especially prevalent in Texas but can be found in other regions with a warm, temperate climate. Unfortunately, its pollen is notorious for triggering allergic reactions in many people. 

Let’s explore cedar elm allergies, including symptoms, management strategies, and tips for prevention.

Symptoms of Cedar Elm Allergies

Cedar elm allergies are primarily associated with the inhalation of pollen released by the tree. When individuals sensitive to cedar elm pollen come into contact with it, they may experience a range of allergy symptoms, including:

Management and Treatment

While cedar elm allergies can be uncomfortable, there are several strategies for managing and alleviating symptoms. Consider the following approaches:

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Prevention Tips

Preventing cedar elm allergies begins with understanding the tree’s pollen season and taking proactive measures:

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Through proper management and prevention, you can minimize the impact of this common allergen. If you suspect you have cedar elm allergies, contact us to receive a proper diagnosis and develop an effective plan to alleviate your symptoms. With the right strategies, you can enjoy the outdoors without the inconvenience of cedar elm allergies.

Our board-certified allergist and highly trained staff are here to help you find relief. We will address questions and concerns, and then find treatment and care that is right for you! Get started today.